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book art 11/05/2015

Filed under: Crop Days — rachelscraftyfolder @ 5:41 pm

Book ArtGood Afternoon All

Something different today 🙂

Yesterday was our little gang’s crop day and we decided to have a go at book folding / book art.  It is as easy as they say it is, but it does take a little bit of time – I’ve just finished mine this afternoon.  Mind you I do make all the cups of tea 🙂

I still need to decorate the book, but I’m quite pleased with it, so thought I would share it today, as I haven’t made a card for a couple of weeks.

This pattern is one of Debbi Moore’s, I managed to get her two books whilst they were available on Create and Craft.

Anyway, just thought it was good to share 🙂



One Response to “book art”

  1. Dorothy Says:

    It looks good ,the S isn’t very defined perhaps its the angle of photo.

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